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Proud members of The Australian Counselling Association.

Our mission statement:  To provide the highest quality evidence-based, ethical, inclusive and innovative therapy for children on the autism spectrum and support for their families. “To make a difference”.

Here at KC4U we have a strong culture of child protection and safety. We ensure our workers, activities and service deliveries are of the highest levels and of rigidly strict standards that support the health, safety and well being of all Australian children.

Meet the team!

 Owner and principle autism specialist.


Welcome to our website. we are a professional service and support plan and self managed NDIS participants. My name is Kristalee, I am a registered qualified counsellor who is passionate about autism! I provide innovative fresh, solution focused support service for families struggling with ASD. I have a special interest in non-verbal level three children and their families. Advocacy for the families we work with is paramount, something i am very dedicated too and use every opportunity to raise awareness.  I have 45 years of real life experiences, on top of my qualifications,being;

  •  Post graduate degree in autism studies
  • Graduate diploma of counselling
  • Diploma of Animal Assisted Therapy
  • diploma of  applied behavioral analysis
  • certificate in child psychology
  • diploma of psychology
  • diploma of special educational needs and disability.
  • diploma of child, youth and family counselling.
  • Certificate of Lifeline Crisis Counsellor
  • certificate of behavior management
  • certificate in managing behavior for learning
  • Certificate of behavior management in autism
  • Certificate of behavior response planning
  • Certificate of child safe workplace and practices
  • Certificate of classroom behavior support for autism spectrum disorder
  • Certificate of understanding autism spectrum disorder
  • Certificate in the voices of autism
  • Certificate of positive behavior support
  • Certificate in SMART trauma training
  • Certificate of required module of NDIS
  • Diploma of intellectual disability support and management
  • certificate in child and youth mental health and disorders
  • life line crisis intervention certificate
  • Certificate of infection training and control Covid-19
  • Certificate of child safe organizations
  • Certificates of the 10 national child safety principles modules 
  • Certificate of foundations in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
  • Certificate of child abuse and prevention NAPCAN
  • Currently a 2nd year BPSH student. (Bachelor of Psychology with Honors).  
  • Currently studying equine assisted learning and psychotherapy. 
  • Certificate in Behaviour and Emotional management for children and adolescents with autism- Tony Attwood.
  • I myself am a mum of four children with ASD and multi complex issues, so believe me when I say I really do get it! I offer a unique service that up until now has never been available to families. YOU                                                                                                   are NOT ALONE in your daily struggle, contact me today to discuss your concerns, and make a  change today.

Occupational Therapist


My name is Sue and I have worked as an Occupational Therapist for 28
years, my experience is varied and ranges from paediatrics and
disability to aged and acute care in both hospital and community
settings.  I have held senior roles in many of these areas.

I  commenced my career working with children with ASD and physical and
intellectual disabilities but moved into other areas when I had my own
children. My 'children' have just left home as young adults and I am
excited to be returning to this area of practise.  I have always had a
passion for inclusion and supporting families to appreciate, accept and
realise their childrens potential as individuals.  I have lived
experience of ASD in my immediate family which impacts on the way I
communicate and view the world.  I also do volunteer work with adults
with intellectual disability and ASD so I understand the importance of
early intervention and life-long learning.

I look forward to partnering with families and individuals as we journey
together learning from one another.  When I am not working I have an
unhealthy obsession with op-shopping and love playing with colour using
felting, wool, fabric and paints.

My qualifications include:

- Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
- Current registration with AHPRA
- Level 1 and 2 lymphoedema training
- Working with children (blue) card
- NDIS yellow card
- Training and volunteer work with SPRED (Friendship and Advocacy for
Adults with Intellectual Disability)
- Queensland Health training in infection control, occupational health
and safety and manual handling.

Autism Specialist Counsellor


My Name is Catrina, I am 28 years old and I have been a counsellor for 3 years. Previous to my counselling career I worked as a security officer both doing events and mental health hospital work. I have 3 beautiful children whom are each on the spectrum. I enjoy many different activities and some of my hobbies (other than being a Mum) are cooking, horses and story writing/poetry. I myself have Autism, however I went undiagnosed until I was in my mid 20’s. During my childhood and teenage years I was ostracized, bullied and teased, just because I was different. I suffered anxiety, depression and an overall lack of self esteem for many years. So believe me when I say “I get it” I know how debilitating and cruel the world can be for our children and it is my sole purpose and goal in life to provide support and change for our young people so they are appreciated for who theyare as individuals and what they can accomplish in life.

I hold the following Qualifications:

*  Diploma of Counselling 

* Diploma of business administration

* Current ACA membership

* Blue Card

* First Aid Certificate

* Cert 3 in security operations 

* A current security providers license 

* Certificate in Understanding Autism 

* Certificate in Introduction to child Psychology 

* Certificate in Working together for children Certificate in children and violence 

* Certification for PEG feeding.

* Certificate in Supporting Nonverbal Level 3 autistic individuals (intensive masterclass)

* Certificate of mental health first aid.

I look forward to meeting each of you and working towards a better tomorrow.

Autism specialist disability support workers

Vice CEO & Autism specialist support worker manager


I am a keen, enthusiastic, heavily experienced autism specialist support worker. I really value the honour of having the opportunity to help others on the spectrum like myself overcome presenting issues, learning new skills, gain self-confidence and independence. I mentor many individuals showing them that being different is awesome and can lead to having a very rewarding future and successful life. I take great pride in what i can offer and achieve together with individuals. 

I enjoy many things and am always up for a challenge!

I am heavily experienced with individuals struggling with behaviours that are impacting their lives in a negative way.

Being on the spectrum, along with ADHD, i have a very real understanding of the challenges life presents at different stages, and some of the impacts it can have. This enables me on top of my training to provide a unique, successful individualised relationship with clients.

My qualifications include:

* Diploma of Psychology

* Diploma of social Work

* Current first aid & CPR

* Certificate of managing challenging behaviors

* Certificate of NDIS worker module

* Current blue card

* Clean driving history

* Certificate of infection training and control Covid-19

* Certificate of Mental health first aid

* Currently studying Diploma of counselling.

Certificate of Emotiplay Support for individuals on the autism spectrum

* Certificate of child abuse and prevention NAPCAN

* Certification for PEG feeding

* Certificate in Supporting Nonverbal Level 3 autistic individuals (intensive masterclass FACILITATOR)

 Autism and indigenous disability support worker


My name is Keelan
I am originally from Birdsville, I then moved to Toowoomba to better my education. I enlisted in the defence force where I did a 6 month training course at kapooka. I am a very outgoing person and really enjoy the outdoors. I love sports, camping, gaming, animals and my indigenous culture and heritage. I have a very strong work ethic. I am naturally curious, eager and willing to learn new skills to increase my knowledge. I am disciplined and committed and consider myself to be a patient person, empathetic, innovative and easy going. My passion is to make a positive difference to families and individuals living with differences. 
While I am continuing my professional training, i also have the following:
* Blue Card
* White Card
* First Aid
* Certificate of Emotiplay Support for individuals on the autism spectrum
* Certificate of infection training and control Covid-19
Certificate of NDIS worker module
* Currently studying Cert 3 in individual support (disability model)
* Certification for PEG feeding
* Certificate in Child abuse and prevention NAPCAN
* Certificate in Supporting Nonverbal Level 3 autistic individuals (intensive masterclass)
* Certificate of mental health first aid.

Vice CEO & HR and Accounts Manager


Sheneike is the HR manager/ Accounts Manager for Kristalee's Counselling For You.

Sheneike brings six years worth of business experience in areas such as Corporate and Governance, HR administration and organisational development within various sectors. With a focus on employee needs, Sheneike provides HR consulting and support to the team.

My Qualifications:
Diploma in Business
Diploma of Leadership
Diploma of Management
Diploma of Human Resource Management

Blue Card

First Aid Training 


Company history

The business was developed due to personal struggles, based on the fact, that no past or current company could adequately provide productive support for my four children, we all have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). My personal experiences, along with other parents who have family members on the spectrum, were encountering the same struggles in relation to lack of knowledgeable flexible support that was accessible and affordable. I already had previous business owner experience along with counselling experience and a training background with Lifeline Australia, so I decided that the autism community was desperate for change, innovation, knowledge, flexible deliveries and affordability to ensure families were receiving the very best of care. I realized that I could utilize my skills, knowledge and life experiences, and apply it to this area that I am passionate about in order to reach this goal. I attended and completed multiple training courses, including university (obtaining a post graduate degree in autism studies) to ensure my clients were receiving the highest possible care and professional support that I could offer. I became a registered service provider for NDIS in 2017. Since then the business has boomed to the point where we now have a dream team of employee’s (all of which are on the spectrum and/or have children on the spectrum) that are continually training and improving while providing the highest professional level of care and support for a wide diversity of clients. In 2019 I was nominated for the Telstra woman’s small business awards due to our innovative and unique approach to client care and support, our specialization in; nonverbal level three autistic children, sensory/dietary solutions for autistic individuals and community access and inclusion. We are currently in the running for the Queensland state finals. We currently have a client base of 370 individuals that are spread out over a 5ookm radius. We are consistently creating, designing and implementing new programs for children under 18 years, and training packages for personal development for other companies that are delivered by us to help improve the consistency of autism related deliveries of support across QLD. The business started out as an unfamiliar household name and has fast become one of the leading professional services for autism in Queensland. Our policies, procedures, frameworks and codes are regularly reviewed to match the current market, while also anticipating the future market.